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Acupuncture is a centuries-old practice that is part of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). However, it did not become popular or even known in Western medicine until the early 1970s. Since then, numerous respected medical organizations like the National Institute of Health (NIH) have said acupuncture is an acceptable and reasonable option for people who have chronic pain. 


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High Blood pressure is also a very common problem of these days. There are many reason of this disease. Stress tension and anxiety are also the causes. It can be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle. Obesity is also one of the reason of high blood pressure. Our experts give you a lot of healthy lifestyle tips to keep yourself cure from this. We also introduce different massage therapies and stress relief therapies. Our professionals give you valuable advices to lead a healthy lifestyle. We also tell you different exercises to get rid of obesity which is also the reason of high blood pressure. We also offer different medications but the best way is to keep your lifestyle healthy. 


Hyperlipidemia means when lipids increase in your blood such as cholesterol, fats, and triglycerides are. It happens when the cholesterol level increases in your blood and its number can be out of balance. It is also caused by high blood pressure and smoking. Eating a healthy diet can help you with this disease. Not only is this regular exercise also essential in decreasing it. Keep yourself physically active by doing the exercises recommended by our professionals. You can quit smoking because smoking is also a cause of this disease. We are also heaving the therapies that can help you quit smoking and make you healthy. Obesity is also a reason. We recommend exercise which surely helps you to lose weight and decreases your obesity. Managing your cholesterol helps you to cure this disease. Working on cholesterol with the help of our expert advice and opinions is the best way to cure this disease.


You cannot ignore chest pain at any cost but you should know the causes. Sometimes it is related to our heart but most commonly the reason of chest pain is problem in your lungs, muscles, ribs and nerves. It may be caused by stomach burning. The two sensitive organs may involve in this may be heart or lungs.  If your chest pain relates to your heart it will be a matter of concern for you. You may feel chest pain anywhere from upper abdomen to neck. We provide you a lot of services to give you relief from this hurting pain. We provide you multi treatments to work with your pain. We introduce a lot of exercises to give you relief from this pain. We are also offering different message therapies to give you relief from this pain. Our institute the best place to reduce your pain.


Shortness of Breath is medically known as dyspnea. It may cause with tightening of chest. Air hunger, difficulty in breathing, or you may feel suffocation. High temperature level, obesity and doing a lot of exercise may also cause to this. In this condition you may difficulty in getting air into lungs. Some may suffer for short period of time and other may suffer for long. You need to relax in this condition to overcome from this. Sometimes it can be cured at home but if you are facing long you need to concern doctor. Our medical experts provide you best therapies which help you to overcome this problem. Different message therapies are introduced by our professionals to overcome your problem and you will lead a healthy life. 


Heart Diseases are the various diseases related to your heart. These diseases effects your heart not to work in a proper way. These include Blood Vassal disease, Heart rhythm problems, Heart valve disease, Disease of Heat muscle and Heart infection. Most of these diseases are caused because heart do not get the blood in proper time. The symptoms are usually chest pain. Chest tightness, shortness of breath, racing heartbeat, slow heartbeat, weakness or fatigue. This disease may cause due to many reasons like High blood pressure, stress, obesity, poor diet, age and physical in activities. From getting out of these problems you need to concern a doctor. Our experts are providing you different exercises and therapies which give you relied from may minor issues and they will help you from big damage. These exercises will keep you healthy and fit all the time. Our medical message releases your stress and give you sound and healthy body and mind. Our professionals will support you all the time. 


Palpitations are the feeling that your heart is facing. You can feel them in your heart, neck and chest. You can fell unpleasant heart beat like your heart stops beating. The beating of your heart will be normal or abnormal. Your heart rate will be below 60 or above 80. It can’t be taken serious most of the time but regular imbalance of heart beat may cause it serious. Most of the time the reason behind is stress and anxiety. It also happens sometimes when you are pregnant. The major symptoms are chest pain, dizziness, and fainting. It can be cured with leading healthy life style and releasing the stress by doing different yoga exercises.  Our professional teams guide you to do different yoga exercises to release the stress and stay calm and reduce the heart beat rate per minute. All the symptoms are related to heart or no heart. Other medical problems include thyroid, low blood pressure level, or dehydration. We also introduce medications which can help you in these aspects as well. 


Arrhythmia is the condition where you have very fast heartbeat, very slow heartbeat. During this your heart beat has irregular rhythm. It is caused by changing in heart tissues that controls your heart beat. These issues can be caused by an injury, or disease. There are no serious symptoms of this disease but irregular heartbeat, dizzy or faint sometimes. In this treatment includes surgery of tissues, to repair nerves which are supporting heart. If you cannot treat it within time it may affect the flow of blood in your body. That may be dangerous to heart, brain and other organs of body. We are introducing different therapies to treat this serious disease.  Our experts also study nerves management which helps in giving proper management to nerves and make your blow flow better.  When your blood flow become better your heart beat will get normal. We also offer different surgeries to help you overcome this disease. 


There are number of reason of fatigue. It may cause by medical issues, unhealthy lifestyle, and stress. It is the feeling of continuous tiredness and weakness. It can ne physical or mental or sometimes both. It is also sometime described as tiredness but it is different that you just feel tired and sleep. If you are doing your routine work at time but still you are facing tiredness and stress it means that you are suffering from serious fatigue. The symptoms mainly are muscle pain, weakness. Short memory problems, poor concentration, and low motivation. Taking alcohol, drugs and lack of regular exercise, stress at your workplace, depression and grief are also the reasons of the fatigue. To reduce it you need to concern your doctor or specialist. Our professionals are giving you cure to this problem. We are including different therapies which gives you relief from the stress and help you to overcome this problem. 


Chest Tightness is the cause of many things. It can be caused by the disease which can damage internal organs present in chest. Including heart, lungs, gall bladder and liver. It can be caused due to abnormalities of muscles of chest, bones, cartilage. Stress and anxiety can also be caused due of chest tightening. You can also suffer from heat attack due to continuous stress. It can also be caused due to anxiety and asthma. Regular exercise is the best way to overcome this problem. Our institute has a lot of therapies to give you relief from this problem. We also having various massage therapies to give you relief from pain. Our different exercises helps you to release the pain and comfort your body.  You can easily release your stress with the help of these exercises. 

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