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A rash is a kind of change in your skin that can cause itching, pain, or irritation. It can cause swelling of your skin. They are usually red and can lead to forming patches and blisters over the skin. People with certain genetic reactions are more prone to such rashes.

There are many different types of rashes. For example, contact dermatitis is the most common type of rash. It causes itching and redness along with the formation of small bumps.

Granuloma annulare is another kind of rash. The cause of this rash is still unknown, but it can form circular, reddish bumps on the skin called papules. Although, this rash is not much itchy.

Lichen planus is also a type of skin rash that forms flat shiny bumps on the skin. The color of these rashes or bumps is red or purplish. Such a type of rash is due to an autoimmune response. It also occurs as an allergic reaction to some medicines. Rashes are not contagious, although some can be acute and others can be chronic. So, proper treatment can cure such conditions. Muscle Bone Wellness is a reputed clinic that helps you to get rid of any kind of rash with proper medication and treatment.


Hives or urticarial is a type of allergy that forms itchy welts over the skin. The colors of such welts are pink, red, or color of skin. The major cause of hives is an allergic reaction or food reaction. In rare cases, irritants act as a cause for such conditions. i

When your body comes in contact with something that is allergic, it produces histamines. Histamine is a chemical that responds to an allergic reaction and defends your body against it. During the process, this chemical causes swelling, itching, or redness that are symptoms of hives.

Some other factors responsible for causing hives are pollen, insect bites, animal dander, illness, stress, or infections. So, the obvious symptom of hives is the appearance of welts over the skin. These welts can last for a day or a half. However, if the allergy is prolonged, it can grow larger and can also spread. If you are facing prolonged symptoms of hives like anaphylaxis, chronic hives, dermatographism, temperature-induced hive or infection induce hive, call upon the doctor at Muscle bone wellness to seek medical help.


As the name indicates, food allergies are the reactions exhibited by the immune system after eating a particular type of food. Food allergies are so rapid that even small amounts of a certain food can cause an allergic reaction. Sometimes, this allergy can be life-threatening for example anaphylaxis. Symptoms of anaphylaxis include constriction of airways, difficulty in breathing, rapid pulse, and low blood pressure. Such allergies can also cause skin irritations or conditions like eczema.

Some major signs of food allergies are itching in the mouth, hives, eczema, trouble in breathing, fainting, abdominal pain, diarrhea, vomiting, Dizziness, etc. So, if you are facing any kind of symptoms mentioned above after eating a certain food, make sure to visit a doctor. Proper medication is very necessary to cure an illness or otherwise it can be dangerous in some cases fatal.

Note: do not mix food allergies with food intolerance as the latter is a condition far less serious than a food allergy, also it does not include reaction from the immune system.


Environmental allergies are very common. Such allergies occur as a result of a reaction triggered by the immune system in response to something present in our surroundings. Environmental allergies are quite different from food allergies. It is because they are not caused by ingesting something, rather they appear as a result of close contact with something in the environment. Such allergies are also caused by inhaling something from the environment during your activities.

Some of the most common symptoms of environmental allergies are sneezing, fatigue, cough, difficulty in breathing, Headaches, wheezing and runny nose.

Environmental allergies are not severe for everyone. But people who have asthma or other diseases can face severe life-threatening symptoms. Moreover, symptoms can be severe at specific times, if a person faces seasonal allergy.

Some common allergens found in the environment are pollen, dust mites, cigarette, and mold. So if you are a patient of asthma or any disease do not take such allergies for granted and consult the doctor as soon as possible.

Musculoskeletal Wellness Clinic | Acupuncture | Physical Therapy | Chiropractor | Pain Management | Forest Hills, NY
Musculoskeletal Wellness Clinic | Acupuncture | Physical Therapy | Chiropractor | Pain Management | Forest Hills, NY


Pruritus is a condition that generation massive sensations to itch all over the body. In this type of sensation, you want to scratch your body to relieve the feeling of itching. This condition can be due to any illness or other skin-related conditions.

The cause of such irritating skin is therefore not exactly known. So it is very important to consult a doctor, who can reveal the underlying cause of this itching and then define the treatment accordingly. Sometimes they may use topical steroids, steroid pills, or antibiotics to treat this condition.

People with diabetes, leukemia, lymphoma, eczema, asthma, hay fever, and seasonal allergies are more prone to pruritus. Muscle bone wellness is a reputed clinic in New York City that will help you deal with such allergies and prescribe effective treatment to cure them.


Post-nasal drip is a condition in which you constantly want to clear your throat. It is because you constantly feel mucous secretions coming down at the back of your throat. In this condition, the mucous is slightly thick and causes cough. If this nasal drip prolonged, you can develop an upper airway cough syndrome.

It is caused by rhinitis, which is one of the most obvious and common causes of postnasal drip. It causes the inflammation of the inner nose lining due to a cold, or some medication.

Another cause of this post nasal drip is sinusitis. It is one of the factors that block the nose causing pressure and pain which will lead to postnasal drip.

Some common symptoms faced by a person suffering from post-nasal drip are cough, tickling in throat, sensation to clear the throat, wheezing, runny nose or blocked nose and mucus.

Medication for this condition depends upon the cause. So if you are going through a postnasal drip visit muscle-born wellness right now and start your treatment.

Acupuncture | Physical Therapy | Chiropractor | Pain Management | Forest Hills, NY
Acupuncture | Physical Therapy | Chiropractor | Pain Management | Forest Hills, NY


Sneezing is an involuntary action that helps us to remove dirt, allergens, and irritants from our throat or nose. It is also known as sternutation.

Sometimes, when an irritant or allergen enters our nose and triggers our sensitive mucus membrane, we sneeze. In this way, the irritant, dirt, or allergen move out of our throat/nose and we feel relieved.

Sometimes this sneezing becomes prolonged due to the action of allergens, viruses like the influenza virus, inhalation of corticosteroids, or other irritants. Such prolonged sneezing is the indication of some kind of allergy or infection. So if you constantly sneeze do not take it lightly rather consult the doctor to diagnose its cause and respective treatment.

Moreover, if you cannot go anywhere then use a nasal spray. It will help to reduce inflammation of the nasal pathway that tends to cause sneezing as it contains a corticosteroid. So sneezing frequency can reduce until you reach the doctor.


Tears are God’s natural lubricants that keep our eyes lubricated and also remove foreign particles from our eyes. Tears are produced from glands situated under our upper eyelids. They keep our eyes moistened and protected. Our eyes also release some oil that reduces the evaporation of tears. In this way, tears are an important part of our lives.

But when there is excessive release of water from the eyes, it indicates something. First, of all, tears release through tear ducts. Therefore, When eyes produce excess tears these ducts are overwhelmed and they develop watery eyes. This excessive production of tears can be due to various environmental factors like smog, light, and inflammation of the eyes. Blockage of tear ducts, weather conditions, ectropion, entropion, and injury, due to radiations or due to foreign chemicals or particles can also cause watery eyes.

This condition is usually not severe and it can resolve to own its own. But in some cases, due to any infectious reaction, it can persist. If it does so immediately consult a doctor.

Acupuncture | Physical Therapy | Chiropractor | Pain Management | Forest Hills, NY
Acupuncture | Physical Therapy | Chiropractor | Pain Management | Forest Hills, NY


As the name suggests, a runny nose is a constant release of water through the nose due to allergen or irritants.  Inflammation of the inner nose lining due to the common cold is also a major cause of it. Such conditions are not very long-lasting and resolve in 2 or 3 days. Rarely, some people develop a constant runny nose, vasomotor rhinitis. So, you must visit the doctor to treat such conditions. Other causes of a runny nose include sinusitis, allergies, churg-Strauss syndrome, dry air covid-19, or a deviated septum.

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