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We are offering awareness to women’s health. Campaigns, dissertations, and social media is working to provide awareness among the people. We are playing our part in providing insight into the human body’s functions and diseases.

If you are feeling pain, in the lower abdomen part, fever, colds, pale complexion, loss of appetite, heartbeat fluctuations, or headache, then you must consult a doctor immediately. The uterus becomes delicate and tender in uterine diseases.

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It is the collection of cells from the cervical of females body to carry out the test to examine cervical cancer. This test is also called the “Pap test”. This test provides a cure before the time and gives information about the coming chances of cancer. Sometimes HPV is being done to find out cervical cancer. 

You should consult with your doctor about this test, but most doctors recommend it to do at 21 age. And the Pap tests must be done once in three years to avoid any problem. If you are having HIV, divulgence to DES, if the prior smear shows precancerous cells, if the immune system is weak due to chemotherapy or radiotherapy, or the person has the habit of smoking, then doctors can recommend having this test regularly. We are trying our best to give awareness about pap smear to avoid fatal conditions.


We are providing awareness about the functioning and complications of the female reproductive part. Gynecology deals with the study of the female reproductive tract. It deals with women who are not pregnant. It can be cured both surgically and medicinally. Gynecology includes many methods like;

  • The medication can treat cervical, vaginal, uterus and fallopian tube cancers.
  • The treatment of menstrual cycle, imbalance bleeding, fluctuations in cycles duration.
  • The uterus and uterine tube fibroids removal.
  • The treatment of the diseases which are transmitted by sexual intercourse.
  • Study of pap smears obtained from cervical area.
  • Ovary, uterus, and fallopian tubes can be removed in case of cysts or fibroids.
  • There can be cancerous cells in the womb so a biopsy is done on uterus walls to examine the cancer cells.
  • Colposcopy of the uterus is also being done in gynecology.

        These methods are used to examine the female reproductive part.

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We are trying our best to give you information about birth control methods and complications. Birth control can be defined as the method in which chances of pregnancy is controlled by using condoms, pregnancy control pills, IUDs, vasectomy, tubal ligation, and the rhythm methods. These are methods that can help in birth control. These are safe ways to prevent pregnancies and every method is different so you can choose according to your choice. Some methods alter the release of hormones within the body to prevent the release of an egg to avoid fertilization. Male and female condoms are used to prevent pregnancies and they are 99% safe if used properly. Cervical cap or shields can also be placed on the vagina to prevent the entry of sperms in the uterus. The sponge is also used and placed high inside the vagina. It is like foam and can prevent pregnancy up to 84%.

STD Testing

Sexually transmitted diseases are common nowadays and it is necessary to have an understanding of them. We are trying our best to provide awareness about STD.  STD Testing is not painful. You can have it easily without feeling the pain. There are many tests you can have for STD, ask your doctor first.

  • A urine test can be done, you just have to show the urine sample to your doctor.
  • A cheek swab is being done to test the HIV, in which the inside of the cheeks is being rubbed by the swab.
  • Blood test.
  • Genital areas are examined by nurses in cases of sores, warts, inflammations, rashes, or sensation.
  • The fluid of the genital area is examined.
  • The swab is used to take cell specimens from genital areas.
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Acupuncture | Physical Therapy | Chiropractor | Pain Management | Forest Hills, NY


We are giving information regarding fungal infections of the vagina. A vaginal infection is caused due to fungus. It can cause ache, irritation, rashes, warts, the release of liquid from the vaginal walls and vulva. This occurs in every 3 out of 4 women. Some women experience this vaginal candidiasis twice.

Vaginal infections are not said to be STD but it is caused due to first time sex or oral-genital sex at the same time. This causes infection to the vagina and it gets, irritated and sensitive. Some of the symptoms of the vaginal infection is;

  • There are itching and disturbance in the vaginal walls and vulva.
  • A person feels irritation and a burning feel during urination and sexual intercourse.
  • The vulva surges a lot and gets red.
  • Vagina feels pain, burning, irritation, and pain. 
  • The outflow of the vaginal liquid gets more watery.
  • The liquid release of the vagina is whitish and cheesy in appearance.
  • The use of antibiotics, and the increased levels of estrogen in the body, diabetes, or the weakened immune system can increase the risk factor of vagina infection.

IUD Placement

Birth control is necessary to have for the betterment of society. An awareness program has been started by us. In IUD placement, the doctors place a birth control inside your vagina so you can prevent pregnancy. It can’t be done by ourselves, it can only be done by the doctor. It is a plastic T-shaped which is placed inside the vagina so it can act as a barrier to sperms. It is not painful, just an irritation is being felt by the person for a few seconds. Some disadvantages which can cause heavy periods and a lot of bleeding.

  • It can not help in the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Sex can be hurtful sometimes.

These are not the severe problems that can affect your pregnancy. Only a few of the women feel these problems, others do not feel it. It is not painful while doing sex and the chance of not getting pregnant is 100%.

A midwife talks about an intrauterine device with a patient at a reproductive health clinic in Yaounde, Cameroon, West Africa.
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To examine the vagina, cervix, and vulva, colposcopy is done. It is a detailed study of these areas. The doctors and the nurses study the detailed structure of these areas by physically examining them. It is not painful at all, it just gives irritation and sensation when the speculum is placed inside the vagina. Otherwise, it is not felt mostly and it can be done in less than 10 minutes. It is done to find out the cancer cells in these areas. It is also done to find out the health of the private areas. The colposcopy lets you know about the health conditions of your vagina in case of bacterial infection, warts, swelling, or infections. This test gives a closer and deep study of the vagina. Colposcopy awareness is our prime responsibility.


The awareness of breast problems is necessary to have. We are trying our best to give you know-how about it. A breast exam is being done to examine the breast cancer. The woman can also do it on her own. You can check with the help of your left hand, press it firmly in an upside-down motion to feel the lumps or swelling. Move your hands in such a way that the breast area under the arm is also observed. Try to feel the swelling in the breast. You must check your nipples often, squeeze them and try to find out if any kind of discharge you feel. If there is cheesy and whitish discharge, you must consult your doctor immediately and go for a breast exam. Sometimes breasts feel pain due to the menstrual cycle disturbance. Due to high/low levels of estrogen and progesterone, the breast gets more sensitive to pain. 

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To examine the breast and study all the problems of it, we are providing awareness to the mammogram technique. This technique uses methods of imparting low energy X-ray to the breast, area to examine any cancer, lumps, or distorted cells in the body. This brings out the picture of the breasts. During the process, the breast is compressed between the two sheets so every cell can be visible to the mammogram. Mammograms are different for every woman. Some feel pain and some do not. So if you are feeling pain having it, then it is quite normal.


Uterine diseases are very harmful. The uterus is the part of the body where the baby lives until birth. Therefore complications in this area should be considered massive and you should recommend your doctor. We are giving you awareness about it. The problem starts from bleeding. It is ether from having sex or imbalance periods. Then it can get severe with time and resulted in fibroids, cancer, polyps, or infection.

We also provide Trigger Point Injections services

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